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Seen 2 Believe
KAY House-New Mid-September 2002


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KAY House
Mid-September 2002
Kay's husband walked into the kitchen, early morning, to make coffee.  A woman (apparition) was standing between the refrigerator and the island  She was a young woman, in her teens, had dark hair and was wearing a long, olden days dress and button-up dress.  When he turned the light on, she disappeared.
Ok, the odd thing is... this isn't actually the Kay house.  She now has a new home, ont he same land, same location, but probably 100 feet from the actual Kay house, which is still standing.  Funny part is, they got onto the subject of ghosts, things that have happened, and she made the comment that it was just in the old house, that the new house isn't haunted.  He was kind of like, um, by the way, the other morning... and told her the stroy.  He had not told her yet, because he was afraid it would scare her... it's been a while.