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Seen 2 Believe

Our Experiences
Sometimes you do have to see it, to believe it.


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Most of these things happen in one community, land owned by members of my family for generations, in a rural area in Arkansas, oddly enough, the community is called "Salem".  Due to so many things happening, I'm not sure if these are spirits that travel, on the land, or if we are "lucky" enough to have numerous haunted houses... so, they are listed by the location.

A little "family" history...

I guess all this actually began before I was born.  One story being, my aunt's house, while still being built, the electrical outlets in the bedroom made a loud popping sound and glowed balls of light.  Seen by my aunt, my mom, and my uncle.  The electrician checked it the next day, found nothing wrong.

Then, there was my great aunt's house (remember this place, it is I'd say, the most haunted of all, we'll call it the GW place).  Back then, though, she said the tv came on by itself.  No picture or show, just glowing, come on and off by itself.

First Paranormal Experience

The Kay House

Did it follow Kay?

GW Place

KAY House-New Mid-September 2002

KAY House-New 12-22-2002

Kay House-New... Mid-January 2003

So much more has happened... trying to find time... will update as soon as I can... MORE TO COME ! Please check back !