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Seen 2 Believe
GW Place


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GW Place

May to November of 1990 (while my husband, infant son and I lived there):

  • Hear footsteps, often, numerous instances, especially upstairs. (This house was built in late 1800s/very early 1900s . Indoor plumbing was added in the later years that my great aunt lived there. To this day, there is still no power/electricity run to the upstairs. The front door still has a skeleton key for a lock!  I, finally, after hearing things up there, upstairs, wouldn't go up unless it was day time, then, got to where I wouldn't go up alone, then got to where I would not go up at all.) Lots of activity up there.  It was getting to me.
  • Back door slamming (happened during day & night, during still weather), this happened more than once.
  • Heard banging in outdoor shed (used to be a chicken coop).  I was outside at the time, only feet away from it.

With these things happening, the back door, and mainly all the footsteps all the time, (the shed was a one-time thing), I began leaving the lights on when I left for work in the mornings, because it was dark when I got home.  And, I mean all of the lights.  When I returned home, all of the lights were off.  Every night.  And, this was a creepy place to drive up to anyway.  It finally seemed to have gotten the best of me.  My husband and I argued, because you couldn't beat the price.  He said, no, we don't need to move.  I said, I have to move.  Finally, I got a second job, to make the extra money for rent, to get out of there.  After a month (of working 8am-5pm at a full time job, plus most nights at the second job till 1am, I fell asleep at the wheel and rolled my car end over end 3 times.   This kind of defeated my purpose, but, was enough to convince him that I was serious and had to get out of there.  Once I was off crutches and located a place, I moved rather quickly. In fact, left half my stuff there when I did. I had taken basically some clothes, not much more.  My mom went back and packed everything up for me (at which time she stood in the kitchen and watched the back door slam, completely on its own, while she was there alone, packing for me.)  I felt bad for her, but, I couldn't go back.  I'd have left it all, for good.  Now Im interested in that sort of thing and am trying to research it. Then, I was sharing a home with them (which I dont care to do, even now) and merely wanted to get away from it.

During the year after I moved out, when my cousin and his family lived there:

  • Still kept hearing the footsteps upstairs, and heard them come down the stairs to the doorway.
  • My cousin felt them touch his back, in the living room.
  • His girlfriend saw actual apparitions, a woman mainly, in old time clothes, and tried to communicate with them. She began asking the family for pictures of ancestors, especially those who had lived there long ago, to see if she recognized any of them.

Even now, I have yet to go back, but I will. Its currently rented, and as soon as the tenants decide to move, I will go for a night, with a team, and document our findings.  To my knowledge, by the way, no one mentioned the haunted part to them before they moved in they haven't mentioned anything happening, but I figure that it is. Most people don't just come out and talk about that sort of thing.