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Seen 2 Believe
Did it follow Kay?


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MY HOUSE (ooh, too close to home, while my Mom was there.  I feel this is something that happened, this one date, although we're unsure why.  This is not one of our haunted spots.  Nothing else occurs here, not of this sort.  I live an hour away from these other locations.)
  • 09-04-1993.  We (my mother and I) had begun trying to document, write down and organize all of this.  When we came back to it, we noticed things had been written in on the papers, dates, etc. in red ink.  Neither of us had written it.
  • 09-04-1993  My son Daniel, at 3 years old, told a story he couldn't have known.  Kay mentioned the "tapping" noise (he was in the next room). He came in and said that he had heard that noise.  He said Grandma & Grandpa were asleep, B&J (uncles) were asleep, Mommy & Daddy were asleep.  He said he tried to wake us up, but we wouldn't wake up.  So, he went in there.  There were two men.  One had a pick, one had a shovel.  He said they were digging, digging, digging.  He then said we were staying there because we didn't have a house yet.  The story he told dates to April of 1990, the only time we've stayed with them, because we had just moved back from Florida and didn't have a house.  We'd never told him that, when he told the story. He couldn't have remembered it, because he was one week old when we were staying there.  We felt a cold breeze as he told the story, and the temperature on the thermostat dropped from 78 to 72 degrees. 
  • 09-04-1993  I heard a strange spewing sound coming from under a pan.  I thought the burner might be accidentally on, so I leaned over to look.  The sound came from under there and grew into a loud roar like a cheering crowd, circled around behind my head and went straight to the stereo.  The George Straight song, 'Cross my Heart' song was playing and wasn't interrupted, but, over the radio, I heard a woman's voice say, "John, you don't know that."