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Seen 2 Believe
First Paranormal Experience


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The KAY House

06-23-1983  The one that first piqued my interest , my awareness, in the paranormal. I was young, and for whatever reason, I was in my mothers room. Not the norm. Anyway, middle of the night, she woke up, sat straight up in bed, looked down the hall and saw the tv screen glowing. No picture, just a square glow of light. And, the outlet beside it was glowing. But, the outlet was moved, not at the correct angle on the wall.

She got up to turn the light on, I had woke up by now, and got scared, (you know like in the movies) I thought she was going to it or something- ok, I had barely turned 12. She turned the light on, it went off.

We walked down the hall, to the living room, she felt of everything, nothing was hot. Actually turned the tv on, it worked, picture and all. We turned the lights off and went back to bed. It did it again, glowing. This time, we yelled for my sister, Denise, sleeping in another room. We kept saying her name, over and over. She wouldn't get up, seemed to take forever. It's still glowing, this whole time. Finally, she got up, but, when she did, the antique bed she was in creaked, and the glowing went out.

Funny thing is: she walked in and said, "You two look like you've just seen a ghost!" I guess we were pale and pretty shook up. It scared us, had such an eery feeling. We thought maybe we had seen a ghost.