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Seen 2 Believe
The Kay House


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  The KAY House
  • Square/rectangular lights bounce down the hallway, toward Kay's bedroom, stopped right at the doorway.  Seen by Kay & her husband.
  • Voices heard in the middle of the night.  There was no radio playing, tv was turned off, no visitors, no one else was there.  A voice said "I love God" from within the closet, Kay's room.  Another time, I heard two people talking, a man and women, coming from the closet in my room, but couldn't understand what they were saying.
  • A voice spoke through Kay's husband, saying "Tell me your wishes, and I'll grant you your heart's desires."
  • My sister, Denise, woke to see a man, completely dressed in black, standing beside her bed.  He was wearing a top hat and coat, not modern-day clothes.
  • Spring 1992 - My nephew, as a toddler, saw what he called a "booger".  He was terrified.  No one else could see it.
  • Summer 1992 - My son, Daniel, saw a "boy".  It scared him, and no one else could see it.
  • October 1992 - Daniel was swinging in the yard, I was standing there, pushing him.  He suddenly turned around, let go of the swing, and looked behind us, and was scared.  He saw a man standing in the garden.
  • October 1992 - Daniel saw a man in the kitchen and seemed entranced almost, by it.  Wouldn't look away from it.  He told Kay to "fight that man".  She couldn't see the man, but, could tell something was scaring him, so she told the man to "Sit."  She watched Daniel's eyes follow it across the room to the chair.
  • Smell of coffee brewing (when none had been made), happened repeatedly.
  • Smell of matches burning (when none were), happened repeatedly.
  • Smell of cigarettes (no one smoking), repeatedly.
  • 1993 - Smell of perfume, very very strong, filled the room.
  • Hear footsteps, like someone is walking around the house.
  • Summer 1993 - The tapping noise began.  In the bathroom.  Seems to be alot of activity around the bathroom.  It sounds like a tapping noise in the walls.  It doesn't stop if you tap back.
  • 07-11-1993  - Noises in the kitchen, like plastic crinkling.
  • Summer 1993  - The back door slammed.  Kay knew the door was locked and could see a clear view of the door to the porch, through the kitchen window, from where she stood, when it happened.  No one had come out.  So, she thought they must have come in, but, when she walked around to see, no one was there either.  The door was still locked.
  • Cabinet doors in kitchen began slamming.
  • Fall 1993 - Tapping noise from bathroom became mobile.  Kay was in her bed.  Sounded like a basketball bouncing.  Came from the bathroom down hall, to bedroom.  Came across floor, under the bed and stopped in center of the bed.  The sound vibrated the bed each time she heard it.  Then, it moved on, out the end of the house.
  • Fall 1993 - Kay saw a man in the field, wearing a blue shirt and jeans. His arms were crossed and he was leaned back against the fence like he'd just been pushed against it.  She stopped and stared, he didn't move, then it was gone.
  • September 1993 - Kay saw a cloud/smoke-like apparition trying to take form in the kitchen, then simply disappeared.
  • 09-23-1993 - My niece and nephew (toddlers) saw someone in the kitchen.  They kept asking 'Who's that?' but, noone else could see them.
  • September 1993 - My nephew saw a man in the hallway at his own house (right down road from the Kay House), and was too scared (for months) to go back down the hall alone.