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Seen 2 Believe
KAY House - 01182003


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KAY House
(Full Moon Investigation)
This time, instead of setting up the equipment and leaving, we thought we would stay and wait it out.  This was January, and by the time we left, decided it was not the smartest thing to do.  Again, the house is vacant, there is no heat.  Brrr!
We set up in the bathroom and hallway again:
Bathroom: Start: 66.6 - End: 32.6
                 Spiked to 67.1 / Dropped to 32.4.
Hallway:    Start: 65.7 - End: 32.6
                 Spiked to 66.1 - Dropped to 32.6 (same as ending temp.)
We thought we were freezing.  House must be insulated well to have starting temps so high.  We were not in the area of the thermometers, as to not affect their readings with our movement and body heat.  We (three in hunt group for this trip) sat in the far back bedroom.  We did feel numerous cold chills, which would sweep by our feet (or oddly enough- our backsides). This (both ways) happened to two of us during the hunt.  We cannot ascertain, though, if this was a presence or just the cold weather.
We took three photos while inside the house, one of each of us, in hopes that the entities might be drawn to our energy, and be captured on film.  One out of three paid off, finding orbs in the photo:

Lots of orbs !!

We set up the video camera in the bedroom nearest the bathroom, with a clear view of anything that might enter or exit the bathroom door, as well as a clear view of the hallway itself.  We only obtained one blip of light though, on the video tape.
We set up audio tape also, in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, though, we did not capture any EVP.